Anticipating the Return of Christ

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The title of this book, Jacob’s Testimony, is adapted from Psalm 78:2-8 where we find instruction to intentionally teach the Christian faith and obedience to God to our children and new believers. Jacob’s Testimony was written to help teach the author’s own children and is being made available to you, the reader. Jacob’s Testimony is unique in that it traces Jesus Christ through the Old Testament to demonstrate that salvation had been planned long before His birth. The New Testament’s theology of salvation is tied back to the Old Testament for a cohesive understanding of Scripture. Jacob’s Testimony is written to be a simple resource to explain key passages in the Bible as an aid to learning growing deeper in the Christian faith.

Jacob’s Testimony is a teaching resource for use by individuals, families, churches, and small groups. Each chapter includes Scripture reading and discussion questions. Readers will come to understand and appreciate what it means that God the Father is a “living God,” and learn anew how popular accounts in the Old Testament were established by divine providence as the precursor to the advent of Jesus Christ.