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Dispensationalism Part 7

We now turn our attention to how we should approach Revelation. There is not time or space here to discuss every detail. However, I believe it was William Barclay who wrote in his commentary on Revelation that John was deeply immersed in the Old Testament when he...

Dispensationalism Part 6

The origin of today’s teaching on rapture is a perverted reading in the Biblical book of Daniel at 9:24-27. It is, in short, a refusal to accept a literal consecutive seventy time periods, all the while insisting upon literal interpretations elsewhere in Scripture....

Dispensationalism Part 5

Part of the dispensationalist literal view of Israel parallel to the church is a concept known as replacement theology. Replacement theology was created as a negative connotation against mainstream theology because the understanding for centuries has been that Israel...

Dispensationalism Part 4

One of the very serious problems with a dispensationalist interpretation of Messianic prophecy is that a number of Isaiah’s prophecies are quoted in the New Testament either about Christ or about the mission of the church. In Matthew 3:3 and 4:14, for example, the...

Dispensationalism Part 3

This post became rather long, so it will be broken up into two parts. For many committed Christians, Isaiah’s prophecies of the coming Messiah culminate in Jesus Christ who fulfilled Old Testament prophecy concerning the Messiah. For the dispensationalists, however,...

John the Baptist, Part 2

This is a little long, but it is very important. Of all the gospel accounts, John 1:19-31, 3:22-36 vividly portrays the role of John the Baptist and lines up with Numbers 8:7-8. He is purifying and baptizing people in his role as the forerunner to Christ. We should...

Dispensationalism Part 2

A key underpinning of dispensationalism is a literal interpretation of the Bible such that Israel always means Israel and the church always means the church. With such a literal interpretation, dispensationalists hold the view that the church does not fulfill any of...


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